RaceInsight harnesses telemetry data to dramatically improve your driving skill and help you break through your limits on the track


European Racing Organization
ERO is an fast growing international F1 racing league with 8 divisions across PC, Playstation and XBOX. In addition to being home to over 170 drivers, ERO is a community of F1 enthusiasts sharing content and current events.


Our supported games

Racelnsight works with F1 2020 and F1 2019

Works on all platforms

Setup is quick and simple - only a smartphone and wifi required

No telemetry knowledge required

RaceInsight dispenses with difficult to read telemetry graphs, instead presenting data in a clear, interactive format

Learn from your quickest opponents

  • During every race, our data capture algorithm ensures that the app continuously looks for and captures the best reference data for each track
  • At the end of a session, the app will collect your best lap and the overall best lap of the session
  • If the overall best lap is quicker than yours, then it will be saved as the reference for that track
  • If in a later session someone beats the existing reference lap, that new quicker lap becomes your new reference
  • Your best lap will be updated with every session so you always have a current reflection of your performance

The upshot The more you race, the better becomes the reference data you can learn from


Review or prepare
Directly review the last session right after the race for immediate insight, or select a track you raced on before to prepare ahead for the next run


Improve where it matters most
To make sure that you direct your improvement effort effectively, RaceInsight divides the lap data into turns and automatically sorts turns by time difference to the reference lap. This way you can focus on where you lose most time first, and slash lap times quicker. Recommended setup information helps you prepare the car for maximum performance on each track


Turn by turn analysis
For every distance point on each turn, view the key driving inputs including throttle, braking, gear and steering for each driver and the exact time difference at every distance point. Thanks to this feature, you can deconstruct exactly how and where quicker drivers gain the advantage
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